Refrigerator Gallery (2014) 

The Refrigerator Gallery presents the home refrigerator as an exhibition space to be reinterpreted by selected artists, providing a conceptual framework for site specific experimentation; a collaboration between artist, curator, and refrigerator.


JAMISON EDGAR : Later Bloomer (2014)

Jamison Edgar is a cross-genre artist living in the southern climate of Athens, Georgia. He was born in Riverside, California only to take root in Kennesaw, Georgie soon after. Currently, he is pursuing both a BFA in Sculpture and a BA
in English at the University of Georgia in Athens. In his personal research he explores the varieties of visual and linguistic southern culture through creative writing, sculpture, painting, photography, and digital media.

Created specifically for the space, Jamison collected found wallpaper to be overlaid with projected digital sequences which have a compelling reference to his past Virtual
Quilting studies; a digital overload of popularized southern culture via patterned GIFs. Continuing on the theme of patten and collage, this work accesses a friction between opposing dialects of complex digital culture and primitive motifs. Its presence brings a sense of idiomatic chaos to infiltrate the domestic sphere.