Improvisations With Rope (ongoing)

Improvisations With Rope is an ongoing practice of reuse, non-waste, and invention. I find abandoned or second hand material such as t-shirts and salvaged threads and bring them into a new cycle of use in the form of rope. The rope machine was hand built in 2014 from repurposed wood to make use of left over material from the University CNC router; a tool that produces substantial amounts of proccess waste. I am continuously looking for ways to "close the loop" and rethink the concept of waste. Any waste produced in the rope making proccess is collected and kept for recycle, for example as tassels or future projects like End Knot. To improvise is to make or create with whatever is available.  The creation of rope is an improvisation in its own right, but the next exploration is to discover the many uses and improvisations that can come out of a piece of rope; a repair for broken pruse strap, a solution for a missing door knob, a support for a sapling on a windy day.  I believe that the more we can exercise our improvisational muscles, the more progress we can make towards a sustainable lifestyle of non-waste and reducing our ecological impact. 

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