Entangled, 6 ft functional embroidery hoop, thread, eggs (drained and filled with expandable foam), pins, dimensions vary; June 2012, Bold Bean Coffee Roaster, Jacksonville, FL

Curatorial Statement by Staci Bu Shea (stacibushea.com)

Engineered specifically for this space, McCracken constructed a six foot, fully functional embroidery hoop. She began wrapping and weaving within the structure off-site, placing the eggs and pins in a careful composition to denote conversations with the materials and articulate weighted activity. She used one single spool of thread to bring the fiber outside of the hoop, causing the line drawings and swarms of wrapped pins to pull away from the voided areas within the frame.
The process of this piece reflects the labor of domestic activity by employing tedium and repetition. With all apparent references and implications, she is able to build layers of association through history-embedded materials, creating a final cenotaph to express the physical manifestation of the work. The materials and motifs, which the artist holds very important, suggest an idiomatic redundancy that allows the viewer to evoke individual memory through personal familiarity with the elements.