Georgia Sewn (2016)

Georgia Sewn is seeking to bring together designers, goods and services that constitute a regional garment industry. A debut production of Athens Fashion Collective, our goal is to strengthen the network of a local industry, to educate the consumer and to build a stronger base for development of sustainable fashion statewide.

Athens Free School (2015)

Athens Free School is a learning network by and for the community centered around compassion, autonomy, and play. Do you have knowledge, skills or anything else to share with the community? Of course you do! Host a class in your home or a public space on the condition that its absolutely free. 

Community (2015)

Community is a boutique in downtown Athens, GA centered around the concepts of local and sustainable fashion. In collaboration with Sanni Baumgärtner, I have worked to create educational material on sustainable fashion that portrays the traditional life cycle of a garment, from seed to landfill, and the sustainable alternatives. 


Georgia Sewn
Athens Free School
Knot For Sale
Barter Shop
Living Wardrobe
Refrigerator Gallery
To Build a Bed from One Sheet of Ply
To Connect One Room to Another
Following a Thread
For Your Pleasure
Bound to Cut
Domestic Series